The Crude Oil Dealer

I have lately read a great post on how you can be a quant it describes a scientific method of developing trading strategies by the turinginance blog,. Real estate a great diversifier in a portfolio - Some investors look as the primary advantage of REIT ETFs at the high distribution yield for income. But long term investors, who follow the strategy of rebalancing to your fixed asset allocation (see our Rebalancing what, why and how and model portfolios we have suggested - Straightforward , Swensen Seven , Smart Beta ), look to the diversification benefits of REIT ETFs. All depends on the continuance of at least reasonable performance of big holdings Riocan and H&R., although we are inclined to favour the specific advantage of the lower MER

I understand nothing about you, your risk tastes, your portfolio or your investment horizon. Similar portfolios - That is a high level of similarity between another three ETFs, especially between that of iShares (stock symbol: XRE) and Vanguard (VRE). Both have also lagged the TSX standard ETF Model Portfolios stock fund ( iShares' S&P / TSX 60 Index ETF, symbol: XIU) over the previous three years. All else being equal, which does seem to be quite the case per the above, a lower MER leaves more cash for the investor, year-in, year out. In a couple of weeks, we will examine the factors required in managing a portfolio of REITs.

The primary basis for the stratospheric costs has been called China's Great Sphere of Money and Canadian real estate has been rolled into by it. Factset recently documented while the rest of Canada have been flat as Mainland Chinese cash residential property prices have skyrocketed in Vancouver and Toronto, has been purchasing in those two cities. Predicated on the stories that have surfaced, the flood of money has made the Vancouver and Toronto real estate markets a Wild West (graph annotations below are mine).