The AM' Word

Those are just a few hundreds of reports of schoolkids who have adopted while in the footsteps of a young woman called Alexandra (Alex”) Scott. Her writing from beyond Canberra is definitely better than that from within; she let it inform any governmental reporting she might change her hand to and should do more of the former. Murphy was incorrect to consider this part anything more than your typical all-sizzle-no- sausage writing material. Political campaign staffers know what journos like: they like it trite, brite and lite.

This shows nicely on Australians generally, and on our political management particularly: the Defence Minister at the top of the Vietnam war was the Prime Minister who insisted refugees be accepted, shepherded over the Arafura Sea from the Navy and calmly, slowly accommodated to the group. It does fun political fundraising ideas not matter what colour your skin is, your preference or governmental landscapes, and religions have to express on the subject: defecation and urination is fairly equivalent for people all. Pretty much all political writers in 2016 were within the parliament of 2010-13.

That's why I have some compassion for political correspondents who did in 2016 what I'd done in 2013: dismissed the forms, overlooked individuals with less experience of traditional and social media marketing than me (that's, just about everyone) who really involved with governmental troubles and celebrities from first-principles, and insisted on having access to some secret cache of political expertise inaccessible to mere mortals.